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Paying for any kind of education is never cheap, whether you choose to attend a college or a vocational school. Nursing assistant classes are no exception, and many students may find that they simply cannot afford to pay the initial costs associated with becoming a nursing assistant. If you think a career in health care is for you, then don’t let a lack of funds keep you from pursuing the certification you need. There are numerous grant programs out there that can help you fund your education without leaving you financially harmed after graduation.

Because of the short duration of many CNA training programs, federal grants may not be available in the same number that they are for longer, four-year programs. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get federal grant money, however. Grants can be awarded for a variety of things and because health care is such an in-demand field you may be able to find smaller grants that suit your needs. Also, consider checking out grant programs that are geared towards more specific groups that you may be a part of. Minorities, women, single parents and other specialty groups may have additional opportunities to find grant funding even if the grants are not specifically geared towards health care education. If you cannot find federal grants that suit your needs, look to your individual state as well. Many have initiative programs that will cover the cost of your training provided you are willing to work within high need areas of the state after completion of your program.

One of the best sources of grant funding for CNA programs is the college or facility itself. Check with the department of financial aid or workplace assistance to see if there is any money available that can be used to fund your education. Some medical facilities may be willing to provide you with a grant that can cover the full cost of your tuition if you are willing to work for them for a set amount of time after you complete the program. This is especially true of senior care facilities and other privately owned medical facilities where qualified nursing assistants are in particularly high need. Because there is such a shortage of nursing assistants, these kinds of programs are becoming increasingly popular, so do some research around your area to see if there is anything offered. Some schools will have special programs that fund the educational needs of those coming from low incomes, who are single parents or who are of minority backgrounds so check to see if your college offers these kinds of programs if they apply to you.

Students should also check with private programs for grants. Some places like the YMCA/YWCA, local career centers, and recruiters will cover the costs of your education provided you find a job within a set amount of time after graduation. In fact, some states have programs set up just to help you recover tuition costs because nursing aides are in such high demand. Organizations focused on elder care, or dedicated to nursing and nursing assistants can be a great place to look for funding as well. Many award scholarships and grants each year from their state branches to those who meet their qualifications and stand out among their peers. With a little effort, that standout person could be you.

With the help of grants, it’s possible to get the training and certification you need to work in the field you want. Whether you’re trying to change careers or just starting out, grants can provide a way to make the leap into a nursing assistant career without breaking the bank, and allow you to have a happier and more rewarding career path.

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