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Whether you want to be a school teacher, a firefighter or a nursing assistant, covering the costs of training, education and supplies can take a heavy financial toll. While most nursing assistant programs only last a few weeks or a few months, they can still come at a cost that many individuals, especially those supporting families, can’t pay. This shouldn’t be a reason not to pursue a career as a nursing assistant, however. There’s quite a bit of money out there that can help support education in professions, you just need to know where to look for it.

One of the biggest sources of scholarship funding for CNA programs is through the facilities that are offering the training. A wide range of medial facilities are in desperate need of more qualified and professional nursing assistants. Because of this, many are willing to reimburse students for the cost of training or offer the training free of charge through their own institution. Students should be aware, however, that often free tuition comes with strings attached and students will be expected to work for the facility after graduation. This can sometimes not be a problem, however, as few professions have such a nice guarantee of employment after graduation. Some colleges and vocational schools that offer training programs may also have scholarship programs that can cover some or all of the costs associated with tuition. This can be especially true for those with lower incomes, raising children on their own or of a minority group, and it’s a funding avenue worth checking out with the financial aid department.

Scholarships are also available from a range of federal and corporate donors. Students should be aware, however, that they may not be eligible for many of the scholarships other health care professions can get because CNA training is such a short program. Nonetheless, with nursing assistants in high demand, there are many businesses and state governments that are more than willing to provide assistance to those looking to pursue a career in that field. State funding is often available to nursing assistants who are willing to work in the state’s most high demand areas for a set duration after they complete their certification.

Private organizations can also be a great source for scholarship funds. Organizations set up to support CNAs and others in the health care professions can be a particularly valuable source of funding. Many of these organizations offer scholarships through their local branches to help fund the education of aides in their area that stand out or who truly need financial assistance. Other organizations, like those focusing on elder care, oncology and home health care can also be a good source of scholarship funds.

If you are already working as a nursing assistant but aren’t certified, you may be able to get your employer to pay for some or all of your training. Many medical facilities want to help improve the skills and qualifications of their employees and fund programs that are designed to help lessen the financial burden of paying for this additional education. Check with your place of employment to find out if this is a viable avenue for you to pursue. You’ll be able to pursue education while holding your original position and setting yourself up for career and salary advancement.

There’s little excuse not to follow the career path you want with a little financial assistance from schools, churches, corporations and state and federal programs. This funding can make it possible to change careers or start a new one in the field of health care as a fully trained and qualified individual.

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