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While many certified nursing assistant programs don’t take a terribly long time to complete, they can still put a financial strain on those who don’t have the initial funds to put towards enrolling in a program. If you can’t find scholarships or grants to help you fund your program fees, there are a number of loans out there that can help you get the money you need to pay for your tuition and any other necessary school materials.

The best source for student loans for nursing assistant programs is probably the federal government. In order to be eligible for these loans, individuals must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. This will determine how much, if any, support you can get from the government to go towards your education. Government loans have very attractive terms when compared to private loans. The most common type of government loan awarded to students is the Stafford loan. This type of loan is subsidized, meaning interest is not charged on the loan until after you graduate. Students will usually have several months after graduation to pay off the loan before it begins accruing interest, so Stafford loans are usually the most attractive types of loans for students. The government also offers unsubsidized loans, many of which will have very low interest rates, especially when compared to private loans. Additionally, you will usually also have a grace period to pay off the loan, lasting about 6 months after you graduate. These kinds of loans can also make it easy to consolidate funds and set up reasonable repayment plans. Most students will want to consider applying for government loans first before seeking out other sources of aid as they typically offer the best terms.

If for some reason you cannot get a federal loan either directly through your educational facility or another approved lender, or simply need more money that it will supply, there are a wide range of private loans out there for students. These can be offered through banks and other financial institutions and students will need to seek them out on their own or contact their school’s financial aid office. Private loans generally come with much higher interest rates than those offered by the government and may not be as flexible when it comes to repayment plans. Students should also be on the lookout for any associated fees that come with the loans they apply for as some lenders will lure prospective borrowers in with low interest rates but charge a number of fees on the loan so that it may even end up costing more than a loan with a higher interest rate and fewer fees. To get the best rates on loans, applicants will need to have a good credit record or have a cosigner who does. Pay attention not only to interest rates, but to grace periods, fees and loan repayment terms when applying for a private loan as each of these elements can play a big role in determining how great of a deal a loan really is for you. Spend some time shopping around for the best deal to ensure you’ll be in the best financial place after you graduate.

Students shouldn’t let a lack of funds stand in the way of becoming a certified nursing assistant as getting a loan, especially through the government, can be relatively painless and simple to begin paying off. No matter what kind of loan you decide to go with, choose carefully and pick a loan that you’ll be able to manage once you graduate. Getting certified can be a great investment in your future, especially when you get the job you want and it really starts to pay off.

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