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Arizona isn’t just home to warm weather and the Grand Canyon, it can also be a place full of opportunities to pursue as a nursing assistant. Job opportunities are plentiful now and will be in the future and many nursing assistants can find employment making a good salary with accordant benefits.

Funding an education can be expensive, even when it’s a fairly short training program like a CNA certification class. Like many other states, there is a shortage of nursing assistants in Arizona. Because of this, students may be able to find programs at medical facilities within the state that are offered free of charge or that are reimbursed upon employment. Additionally, students may find support from local organizations as well as associations dedicated to helping nursing assistants, many of whom may offer scholarships and grants to needy students.

Job opportunities are only supposed to grow in Arizona in the coming years. As a state with a large older population that it expected to grow larger in the coming years, jobs for nursing assistants are set to grow by almost 50% in the next 10 years. That means that the certification you get to be a nursing assistant will be incredibly useful in helping you get and keep a job, even in a potentially unstable economy. Job opportunities are especially good for those looking to work in long term care or in senior living facilities and retirement homes and home health care is a growing and potentially secure field for nursing assistants as well.

Salaries for nursing assistants in Arizona can be quite good, especially if you have several years of experience in the field. While there is no guarantee of any salary when you’re looking for a job, these estimates can provide a good idea of what to expect. Surveys have put the salary range for nursing assistants in Arizona at around $17,000 for entry level applicants and up to $32,000 for those with more experience. This does not figure in other benefits and bonuses that jobs in hospitals and care facilities may provide, so some positions will come with numerous benefits outside of their base salaries.

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Rasmussen College - A.S. in Medical Administration. For those who are pursuing a career in medical assisting, Rasmussen College's Associate's degree in Medical Administration will provide students with the education needed to help run a healthcare office. Students will be prepared to face the various situations they will encounter in the workforce.
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Kaplan University - B.S. in Health Science. Students interested in becoming a nursing assistant will be very pleased with the Bachelor's Degree in Health Science that Kaplan University offers. Kaplan is a respected online institution with a history of providing high quality classes at affordable prices.
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Virginia College - The B.S. in Health Services Management. Virginia College Online is the perfect online university for students on the go. With classes online, students can take them when they have the free time to do so and from any location with internet access.

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