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Like most of the country, Delaware is in need of nursing assistants to fill health care positions in hospitals, elder care facilities and home health care businesses across the state. For nursing assistants, this can mean a great number of job opportunities and the ability to pick and choose which best fit their personal and professional goals.

Nearly everyone needs a little help paying for educational programs, and those enrolling in nursing assistant certification classes are no exception. Whether you live in Delaware or are planning to move there to work as a nursing assistant, you can get a little help funding your education. Some local facilities may be offering free or low cost training programs to help boost the number of qualified nursing assistants in the state, and within their own facilities. Another great place to look for funding is within the local chapters of nationwide nursing assistant organizations. Some may offer scholarships to needy students.

Just like most of the United States, Delaware is in need of qualified nursing assistants to fill the positions in hospitals and medical facilities statewide. This can make for a great environment to be looking for a job in, as you’ll likely have many more opportunities to choose from. Jobs are available in hospitals, working with the elderly in their homes or in nursing facilities or even in psychiatric wards. With the need only expected to grow over the next few years, the potential for finding jobs should grow along with it.

Salaries for nursing assistants in Delaware are about average when compared with those in other states. The median salary for nursing assistants is about $27,000, though this is average out between those who are just starting out in the profession and those with several years of experience. The actual salary that you make may vary from this, as a nursing assistant certification is no guarantee of any kind of pay and factors like location and experience play heavily in determining how much you’ll earn. It should be noted, however, that many full time positions for nursing assistants come complete with other additional benefits like vacation and pension packages that can add to your total take-home pay.

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Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College - A.S. in Medical Administration. For those who are pursuing a career in medical assisting, Rasmussen College's Associate's degree in Medical Administration will provide students with the education needed to help run a healthcare office. Students will be prepared to face the various situations they will encounter in the workforce.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan University - B.S. in Health Science. Students interested in becoming a nursing assistant will be very pleased with the Bachelor's Degree in Health Science that Kaplan University offers. Kaplan is a respected online institution with a history of providing high quality classes at affordable prices.
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Virginia College
Virginia College - The B.S. in Health Services Management. Virginia College Online is the perfect online university for students on the go. With classes online, students can take them when they have the free time to do so and from any location with internet access.

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